Limo or Jeep Rental? Arriving in a Style that Fits You ?>

Limo or Jeep Rental? Arriving in a Style that Fits You

Airport Transportation

When my guests arrive for their safari hunt, what I know about them determines how I pick them up. Some of them like to be picked up in a jeep. They feel all rustic and wild and macho being picked up in a jeep.

For those clients, I pick them up in a battered open jeep, with dented metal water cans hanging off the side and guns mounted across the top.

They come out of Jomo Kenyatta (the Nairobi airport) which just fyi isn’t exactly like Orlando’s Airport, smile and you should see the looks on their faces when they see my jeep. Their eyes get big and wide and usually, they have a giant grin plastered from ear to ear.

And that’s usually the first photo op: the client standing beside the jeep, smiling like a hyena. Day one of their Amazing African Safari experience.

Then I have other clients who basically want to be pampered the entire way and really would like to take a limo through the whole safari.

Well, that’s not gonna happen. We are not doing a safari in a limo. But I do pick them up from the airport and take them to their luxury hotel in it.

while they aren’t always like these, they are impressionable.

Renting a Limo for Tourists

I don’t actually pick them up myself. I hire a limousine company to take care of all that.

The particular company I use owns a fleet of limos. They are white or black. Some are stretch limos and some are regular ones.

When I rent a limo (from a place like that one) for my clients, it always comes with a driver or a chauffeur.

Typically these limos are rented out for holidays and special events. For example weddings, special parties, graduations, Proms, Banquets, and quinceaneras.

But they will also come and pick up big game hunters on safari, fortunately for me.

So for those clients, I usually ride in the front with the chauffeur and we arrive at the airport all ready for our bigwigs.

We take these clients directly to their luxury hotels, deposit them there for the evening where they can have their white linen fancy dinners, and then I return for them in the morning.

I don’t come back for them in the limo. When I come back for them it’s in the regular safarimobile which is usually a RangeRover or Land Rover.

The other clients, the jeep ones,  go on their safaris in the same jeep that I pick them up in. That’s what they want and so that’s what they get.

The jeep clients usually like to get out of the vehicle and actually hunt from the ground. They will actually walk around, hide behind big clumps of grass or baobab trees or what have you and put some effort into getting their big game.

True, I still have to have a guide right beside them, showing them where the animal is and being prepared to shoot it, but that is par for the course.

The limo safari gents and ladies generally want to stay inside the limo, roll down the window and try to shoot their animals from the vehicle.

These clients are wearisome. I get tired of them. Actually the truth is I can’t stand them. These ones are not sportsmen. In my opinion, to sit inside a vehicle and shoot from the comfort of your padded leather seat is asinine.

Still, that’s what these guys pay me for and so I oblige. I do also make sure that they have cold drinks in the limo, and sandwiches, and chips.

And homemade cookies.

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