Ditch the Gun; Pass the Camera ?>

Ditch the Gun; Pass the Camera

Capturing the Right Kind of Memories

Sometimes my safari clients end up not wanting to hunt any animals.

It’s kind of funny. They arrive with all of their gear, thinking that they’re all about going big game hunting. I take them out and on the first day out, they change their minds.

They’re like, well, I’m here in Africa, but I really don’t want to hunt animals, so can we go sightseeing instead?

And I’m like, Oh yeah! Of course!

And I really do enjoy that. I would much rather take people sightseeing in my beautiful country than take them out to hunt animals.

One of the places we will go if we have time is to Mount Kilimanjaro. That is a spectacular sight. Usually, my clients don’t want to do any climbing. They just want to look.

But if they did, they might see this:


So I will take them out there and they will enjoy the view of it and will take pictures. Lots of pictures.

Usually, I will arrange a picnic lunch for that day, and it all ends up quite spectacularly.

Usually on the drive out to Kilimanjaro, we pass lots of typical African animals like wildebeests, lions, giraffes, elephant, cheetahs, and gazelles.

My clients are always awed to see all of these animals in front of them. They have no interest at that point in shooting any of them. Except with the camera. They are just delighted to be there and see all of the wildlife.

I will also take them out to Maasai land.

We can usually visit with the Maasai people, and my clients always enjoy seeing them in their native dress. Usually, there are also some Maasai warriors around, and they will oblige my clients and demonstrate their incredible ability to jump straight up in the air.

My clients always have their cameras at the ready and they are astounded at what those Maasai warriors are able to do.

Another place I will take clients who want to sightsee is to Lake Victoria. This is a very beautiful lake in Kenya, surrounded by fishing villages at its edges.

It’s extremely picturesque. Usually, we can hire a canoe and I can take my clients onto Lake Victoria for as many minutes or hours as they want.

There is one particular village on the edge of Lake Victoria where the women make handmade items. They sell them to a fair-trade enterprise that markets them in Ten Thousand Villages stores in the United States and the UK.

My clients are always very interested in looking at this work. The women in this particular village will create greeting cards made out of small strips of soda cans that are curled and twisted and artfully arranged onto a greeting card.

They also use thread and copper wire with the soda can pieces to create  these mini masterpieces. They are amazing.

If time permits, I will take these sightseeing clients to the Rift Valley.

The Rift Valley is truly a jaw-dropping place.

Most of my clients have not even heard of the Rift Valley, and when we come up to it they are absolutely floored. We always spend quite some time at the edge of that valley while my clients take photos.

Honestly, these sightseeing clients are my favorite customers. Big game hunting is a very shallow, wasteful, and trivial pursuit, in my opinion.

I dislike the taking of life in such a nonchalant way. I much prefer to take people around my country who are appreciative of its beauty and of its local people. Give me this kind of client any day over the hunter wanna-be.

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